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So, if you know me well (or at least look at the shit I cook on here), you know that I like to throw stuff together. Well, tonight… Continue reading


The Walking Dead Could Last 12 Seasons

The Walking Dead Could Last 12 Seasons.

I must take a moment to relish in the fact that TWD might make it to the year 2022!!! But if idiots who watch only for “Daryl Dixon” stop watching if/when he dies, it will kill the ratings, thus killing the show. Then this bitch will lose her shit… But in other TWD news, season 5 starts on 10.12…. 4 months away tomorrow!!!!!

Success is not for the laz

The Blogess… She is so fucking hilarious. If you aren’t following her blog, you should be…

The Bloggess

My husband said “success is not for the lazy” but what if the thing that I’m really successful at is being lazy?  I bet super-successful people never focus on succeeding in the field of laziness and so they don’t realize how hard it is.  I assure you, it takes just as much commitment and time to be slothful as it does to be an astronaut.

We lazy people don’t do it for accolades or rewards.  We do it because it’s what we do.  We never get recognition for excelling in the field of laziness, probably because all the other people who are focused on laziness are too lazy to come up with a way to measure laziness.  Which is fine because the truly lazy couldn’t be bothered to submit our laziness for judgement.  We are industrious in our unindustriousness.  (Spellcheck just informed me that “unindustriuous” isn’t a real word, but it refused to give me any…

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Daddyless birthdays.

My sister made me cry this morning..

A Geeks Review

This was my second birthday without my daddy. I never thought that I would have so many years of my life without him. I didn’t get that phone call I was always so accustomed to. I didn’t get the promise of a birthday lunch when ever he came into town.

Granted, I did get a lot of happy birthdays from plenty of my friends and family.

But I still feel so empty. You only ever get one father. Whether they be in your blood, or not.

Our father sacrificed so much of his life for his four children. He worked out of town, away from us, his wife, his home, just so that he would be able to support us and give us everything we needed and damn near everything we wanted. I’d be lying if I said that he was a saint, or that he was the nicest man…

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