1 Week In

So… I had some triumph this week!!!
I meal prepped for the week (salad with grilled chicken, egg, avacado). And packed healthy snacks too.

Oh. And I’ve been drinking green tea (unsweetened) three times a day and a SHIT TON of water (like almost 100 oz a day).

I’ve been working out every morning, coming home after work, suiting up and doing a butt and gut challenge, and then walking at least one and a half (mostly two) miles every evening.

As of 16 June 2016:

Weight: 217lbs (down three)
Arms: 12.5 (roughly the same)
Thighs: 25.75 (lost quarter of an inch)
Butt: 47.5 (lost HALF AN INCH)
Waist: 40.5 (the same)
Belly: 47.75 (lost 1.25 inches)
Chest: 44.75 (lost quarter of an inch)

I’m excited to say the least… I’m working so hard!!!



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