An Update

A day later… haha. I quit!
Not really. But I just want to say that it’s storming here, so I couldn’t get in my 2 mile walk/jog this afternoon. But, I did do quite a bit of strength building exercises while I cooked. I’m beat. And sweaty… Liam still needs a bath… I still need to watch an episode of American Horror Story with my husband… I can do this!

I threw some things together tonight (again, it’s raining, so my initial plan of cooking out is a no go). Chicken breast, petite diced tomatoes, kidney beans, mushrooms, onions, garlic, cumin, paprika, chile powder… on top of some quinoa with avocado and Cilantro… (All adapted by a recipe my friend Laina told me about yesterday).

It is really good, although it doesn’t look like much:


And the resident picky eater loves it and wants more beans!


A definite win in the VanCleave household tonight!



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