Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day…

I am going to log my fitness journey, as I am the world’s worst at sticking to a workout and diet routine, and maybe (just maybe) this will help me be a little more accountable for my actions… But we all see how often I blog, so it is a TOTAL shot in the dark… But here it goes anways.
So, I would like to start out talking about my goals. Number one is to just be healthy, but to be healthy, I do have to involve myself with exercise (I totally HATE to sweat) and dieting (I mean, I love the shit out of some veggies and fruit, but I also like burgers, fries, ice-cream, chocolate… you know). It’s the reversing the quantity of the good stuff and the bad stuff that I certainly need to work on. I just REALLY, REALLY like to eat.

The second goal is to lose like 50lbs… Right now I am sitting on 220lbs… Yes, I am a hoss. I have lots of well-meaning friends, family, my husband who all say, “Where are you hiding it, because there is no way!” Well, there is a way, and it’s in my thighs, arms, belly. I am uncomfortable with what I have become. And I am finally ready to take a stand.

My plan for all this is to meal prep, exercise my ass off (I hope I can do just that), and over-all just take care of myself through drinking lots and lots of water (I’ve done drank 40+ ounces today), and not being so hard on myself for getting where I am today…

WIth all this being said, I want to share my stats, so I can do a weekly comparison (and trust me, this is not easy, but I know it’ll get easier as it goes).

As of 08 JUNE 2016:

Weight: 220lbs
Arms: 12.4in
Thighs: 26in
Butt: 48in
Waist: 40.5in
Belly: 49in
Chest: 45in

Any suggestions or tips are welcome, however, please do not spam me to buy your products (ie: Plexus, Advocare, etc.), because if I decide I want to do these to enhance my weightloss and nutrition goals, I already have friends that sell.

I will be checking in real soon!



8 thoughts on “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day…

  1. I’m a meal prep master now, so if you want ideas let me know. I’m all about it! I did just start a new program though, and it’s working better than anything I’ve done before. I’ll tell you about it, but I’m not gonna push that on anyone. Anyway, I’m here!


  2. Good luck with it all, Sam! I think you’re on the right track with a positive attitude, acceptance of a potential problem (if there is one, so to speak), & a plan. At least it’s summertime, so hopefully it’ll be easier to be active outside, plus healthier local produce.. yada, yada, yada…. 🙂


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