Things to Pray About

I should pray:
1. For Patience: I am the WORLD’S WORST when it comes to being patient. I cannot wait for anything. I cannot stand to wait for anyone. My temper is short and I am hot-headed. I have no reason, or right to be, it’s just who I am. They say patience is a virtue, and I don’t know what that means… Maybe I should Google it.


2. For Liam: My son is the grandest gift I could ever receive. He truly is a blessing. How can I be a great mother if I can’t even pray for my child? Praying for him to continue to grow healthy, smart, to be a good person. I want him to be a fine example one day for others. I know he will.


3. To not be such an Asshole: I’m an asshole. I get it honest. Most of the time it’s funny. Some of the times it isn’t. People, lots of people, bring out the worst in me. I must pray to be the bigger person when someone makes me angry; to not stoop to their level. Some people are hard to get along with, that’s not my fault. I must remember that. Don’t be an asshole back. That’s what they want.


4. For My Husband: For him to continue to make good decisions. For him to have peace when he comes home from an awful day at work. For him to continue to be the great father he is to our son (and future children). For him to always love me. And for grace when I’m acting a fool (see #3 & #1).


5. For Forgiveness: I am a sinner. We all are, but I especially feel awful for my sins. There’s 31 years of shit that I’ve gotten into. And a lot of shit that I’ve done to others. I mean, I’ve not killed anyone (this is not a confession, I swear). But, I seriously need to repent and ask for forgiveness. I forgive others pretty easily, but I cannot forgive myself for shit. Only He can.



2 thoughts on “Things to Pray About

  1. So true, Sam… Such a good, honest blog. Though I pray every day, I’m probably just as guilty at all those points, as well. Don’t beat yourself up too bad. Take it one day at a time.. for you, too, are only human! 🙂


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