One of Those Days

It’s one of those days…
I woke up late (trying to get to work early this week, since we have “visitors” in the building). So, that usually sets the tone for me, for the whole day. Ever happen to you? I’m sure it has…

Let me ask you this… Ever get in the shower and wash up really good, get out and start getting ready, start blow drying your hair, only to realize you forgot to wash your hair? I do this too often, honestly. I blame it on my ADD. What was really aggravating was that I already had my makeup on, and it was on point. I ask my darling husband if my hair looked bad, like greasy, unwashed… He said, “yes and yes.” Then he proceeds to ask me why, and I tell him I forgot to wash my hair… AGAIN. Like seriously, this happens at least once every two weeks. He wants to know what I think about when I’m in the shower that would cause me to “forget” to wash my hair… “The season premiere of the Walking Dead?” “When is Miranda Lambert coming back into town?” I seriously have no answer.

So, I decide I need to go on and wash my hair, because I will be obsessed with it all day. I know me. So, here I am, a little later to work, but my hair is not greasy. I think that’s a win. I don’t care what you have to say about that. Have a good day, all!!



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