Potty Training is a Nightmare

Wonder where I’ve been? Been potty training the beast.

I will have to first point out that if it weren’t for daycare, I’m sure we wouldn’t be where we are now… So thanks, daycare!!! Liam has been peeing in the potty consistently for about three months now. It’s amazing, and makes me proud. Wanna know what doesn’t make me proud? Pooping in his pants… It’s so not cool. Sure, he’s pooped in the potty like twice (he got a toy out of the deal, and then turned right around that evening and pooped his pants).

But wait, there’s more!! Want to know what makes me madder than him pooping in his pants? When I ask him if he needs to poop, and he says no, and then I come back 5 minutes later, and… Yup, you guessed it… He’s pooped his pants. POOPED HIS PANTS!!

We are basically at our wits end… We have taken TV at night away, taken favorite toys/costumes away, we’ve even hosed his butt off a couple of times (my dad’s tried and true potty training). Nothing is clicking with this kid.

I know he’ll get it, because like everyone tells me, “I haven’t seen a kid yet go to kindergarten pooping their pants.” I’m not sure how many more pairs of underwear have to pay the price before he gets it down, but I have faith he’ll get it (hopefully by the time he graduates… high school).



2 thoughts on “Potty Training is a Nightmare

  1. Oh my.. LOL. Our baby isn’t due to arrive til this December, yet I already know that Josh & I are in trouble when this “issue” comes around! Good luck to ya’ll!!


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