Planting Seeds with a Toddler

Yesterday, we spent alot of our day outside, planting flowers, tending the yard, etc. We also bought seeds to start for our garden.

I thought starting the seeds in those little biodegradable cups would be a great activity for the kid and I. Boy, was I wrong.

Starting seeds on your own (without help): Place dirt in the cups. Water the cups. Put a seed (or two) in each cup. Cover with dirt. Set out in the sun. You’re done.

Starting seeds with a two year old: Place dirt in the cups, or get dirt everywhere, including our hair, pants, mouths, eyes… Then we cry. I cry because I’ve started something I cannot easily stop… He’s crying because I won’t let him eat the dirt.

Water the cups. Or, take a shower. Same difference. “Mommy, pour water on me!! Pour water on me.” Then there is a fight to the death over the watering can. I lose. I get a shower. I cry. He cries…. Only because there is no water left.

Put a seed (or two) in each cup. Or 5 or 6.. We are going to have some monster plants. He cries because I won’t let him shake the remaining seeds in the yard… And I won’t let him eat them. Probably gonna have some onions and carrots popping up next to our hydrangea…


Cover the seeds back up with dirt. Or dump ALL the dirt in the driveway. The choice is yours (or your toddler’s), really. Then cry because your defeated.

Set the trays of planted seeds in the sun. And pray your toddler leaves them alone…

Moral of the story: Memories of this will last a lifetime. And my nerves will never be the same…


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