Week 8

Here we go again…. Dragging through my weekly challenge posts… But I think I’m almost caught up. Almost!! Gratitude to three people. Here we go.
1. My baby boy. Without Liam in my life, I’d probably be dead. Ya see, I was a VERY heavy drinker… And probably nearly drank myself to the edge a few times. But, when I found out I was pregnant, my life took a 360, immediately. Literally. I mean, yeah, I still have a drink every now and then, but not nearly like I used to. I need to be around for my son. Plus, it sucks to have to be a parent hungover. That is the truth.

He has taught me how to love, unconditionally. He has made me re-evaluate my whole life, and what in the shit did I do with it? I was not living, I was merely going through the motions. I started living the moment I peed on that stick. And I only peed on that stick because my boobs hurt, and my cousin insisted I was pregnant. That’s when I knew I had a future. A future I looked forward to. I love my life, myself, my family, my work, everything, more. Because of him.

Thank you Liam, for being my son. For picking me. You knew I needed you. God knew I needed you. I will try my best to not let you down. I love you man.


2. Robert Kirkman. Thank you for writing The Walking Dead comics. And co-producing The Walking Dead TV series. You have made my TV/reading life complete. Please don’t ever die. And NEVER move out of KY… I’m so proud you represent this great state. I. Love. You. Man. You are truly amazing. Don’t ever stop!!


3. He creator of chocolate… Mr. Hershey, maybe? I don’t know… But I love you, man. Your product gets me through my day, and without you, I would probably kill people. If I were in jail, I wouldn’t be with my son, watching The Walking Dead, or writing this blog. So thank you, chocolate man, for keeping me out of prison.



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