Skinny(ish) Taco Casserole

So, I found this recipe on Mama Laughlin the other day, and I thought it sounded good.


Of course, in addition to all that, I added some “upgrades” and didn’t really increase the calories (too bad). I used chicken burger instead of ground beef, so that really helped level out the calories that I added. They’re good for you calories, and so 1/8 of a pan should still be around 320 calories.

I cooked that with orange, yellow, and red peppers, as well as garlic (my staple) and onion. P.S. I LOVE frozen chopped onions. Literally the best thing since that good ole sliced bread. Such a time (and tear) saver!!! Of course, you are going to drain all that, then add your taco seasoning and Rotel.


I also added black beans and corn, because that is always a delicious addition to any Hispanic dish. And this Adobo seasoning is bomb too. I reccomend every pantry have that!


Oh, and No Added Salt Rotel!! We watching our blood pressures in this piece!!!


Layered all of that on the crescent rolls, and threw it in the oven… The hardest thing was putting the Greek yogurt on the loose meat. Ugh.


My husband, who pretty much despises it when I use chicken or turkey burger, couldn’t even tell that’s what I used. Sucka!!!!!


Just read the directions on the screen shot of the original recipe. I’m being lazy today, but I wanted to share this yummy, good for you, easy casserole… Now, off to my Bible Study!!



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