Why I Go to Church

It’s definitely NOT for religion…
I go to church because I love Him, and I strive to be more like him in my everyday life. I’m not perfect, I sin… I sin with the best of them. But He is understanding, and he forgives me, because He knows I try my best (most days) to be the person He wants me to be, the person I need to be.

Some self righteous religious folks I know have told others that they and I know (ya follow me?), that I needed to “go to church”. I guess they think I need to be more like them, because they are so perfect. Well, they were right, I needed to go to church, but not because I need to conform to their “religion,” or because I need to strive to be perfect like they think they are; it’s because I needed more love in my life. More clarity in to where my life was heading. I needed church because I was lost and broken, but never because I needed religion. I can attest that my life is much better, more positive, more meaningful now that I have let Him back into my life. He is an awesome God, and without him, I was nothing. I see that now. Boy, do I see that now.

I go to church for the fellowship. I mean, I have friends that I love dearly, and would never trade them for ANYTHING in the world, but I needed community in my life. Brothers and sisters to join hand in hand to make a difference in our town and more… I am proud to worship and make a difference with the people I know now. They love Liam, Nick, and I like they’ve known us forever, and we love all of them just the same. We have made lasting friendships that will withstand the test of time. These people are amazing, and are true Christians… Non-judging, always loving…

I want my son to know how to love everyone, how to help others, how to be selfless… I know that the selfless part is a little hard to teach to a two year old, but my gosh, I see him improve everyday. He is a compassionate little guy, that shares…. Most of the time. And so loving. I’m proud of him, and although I know that Nick and I are good people, and great parents, we could not be where we are with Liam without Jesus in our life, or this family we have been welcomed into…

I needed church for my marriage. Nick and I have had a pretty rocky ride in our relationship, but I believe we are at a point (now) that we can say that we truly love each other. It’s because He loved us first, and we love Him. We feel a sense of togetherness now that we have accepted Him into our lives. Without Him, we’d be divorced by now. I just know it. Thank you, Lord, for believing in us, and letting us love each other again.

He is about love. Love makes all the difference. He loves us through our faults (even when we think we are perfect). I have asked for His help in all of my decision making, and my decision making has gotten easier. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. He loves us all… You just have to give Him a chance… Let Him in. You’ll see the difference.

And that’s why I go to church.



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