Week 7 (#2)

So, I can’t just do one week 7… I have my other best friend… Ya know…
Danielle… She is an amazing specimen. I love her. We have been kicking it for how many years now? 16… This girl is my #1, ride or die biotch, ya follow? We’ve gotten into so much shit… Unspeakable things. People would just die if they knew.


She moved away to KS back in 2003, and we kept in touch (that’s dedication right there). I’ve flown out to see her, and of course she comes back here… She still has family here. Danielle has been dealt some pretty crappy hands in her life, but she amazes me with her strength and will power to keep on moving. She is truly amazing. I wish we could be together more, but he good Lord knew what he was doing when he separated us. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. Just ask my husband… He’s scared shitless when she comes in. 🙂


I love her. That’s it. I can’t say anything else about it. I’d have to kill ya if I told ya.


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