Week Six

Where I live:
Well, where I live is covered in snow. Enough to reach the asshole of a tall giraffe.


Or to a tall toddler, to say the least…


We bought our home in Shelbyville, Ky last year in may. I love our house, and the town. Small town, but with great amenities. Gotta have my Kroger (grocery store) and my Wal-Mart.


We love the FAC here. (Family Athletic Center). The outdoor pool looks fun, right? My one year old (last year) just had to go down that slide… They wouldn’t let me ride down it with him… So he went for it. BY. HIMSELF. It was really funny. And it scared the shit out of him. He didn’t want to do it anymore.

I like living in the suburbs, but would love to get back to the country one day (maybe when we’re empty nesters).



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