Just Let Me Mother My Child

He came out of ME, not YOU.
I get so tired of people telling me that I need to get rid of Liam’s pacifier. I’m so happy that you were able to get your son off of his pacifier before he was one. Round of applause for you honey… Is your son going to be just as OCD as you? My son loves his “pap-pap” and it soothes him when he’s stressed. Who am I to take that from him? He’ll be done with it when he’s ready. He’s TWO, not TEN. I’m not rushing this “growing up” thing anyways.


Take it from him, go on... I dare ya.

He’s not potty trained yet. Sue me. Are you buying his diapers, or wiping his ass? No? Then shut your mouth. He will do it when he’s ready, that’s what I read anyways. I have been guilty of trying to get him to use the potty, and it just pisses him off… I’m not fighting that. He’ll wanna do it at some point… I hope… But there’s no law that he needs to do it now. NO LAW.


He uses a sippy cup, and sometimes goes to bed with one… Sometimes it has milk in it… CHOCOLATE MILK! (GASP!!) His teeth will rot out? Oh my gosh…. Well, I’m pretty sure he brushes them plenty… And, those teeth will fall out eventually. If my kid wants a drink to take to bed (usually I can talk him in to just water), I’m going to let him. That boy might just be thirsty.


My kid cusses sometimes. I cuss. I can’t not cuss. It’s part of my life. I’ve pretty much changed everything in my life for him (mostly willingly), but I’m still gonna cuss. He’s a cusser, and although I do not condone it, at this point in the game, I pay no attention. No attention=he doesn’t do it often. We love Jesus, but we cuss a little. Damn us to hell, if you’d like.


My kid is happy, healthy, still ALIVE… So, if you have anything to say about how we are raising him, leave us alone, would ya? I don’t worry about how you are raising your brat(s), or how you raised your brat(s), so don’t worry about how I’m raising mine. It’ll all come out in the wash. Mommy bash all you want, you’re just jealous…



3 thoughts on “Just Let Me Mother My Child

  1. He looks like a cute, well-adjusted kid whose got plenty of love in his life to me.
    I read a news story this evening of a little girl tortured to death because her mum’s lesbian lover convinced her she was a witch. Let’s persecute those people and save those children and leave the rest of us to it.
    Can’t say I’ve ever been able to tell which adult breastfed/walked earliest/crapped on the potty first/didn’t have a pacifier.

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    • Thank you. That’s all I’m saying. Lol. And how awful. There is a lot of child abuse in this world that we all should be focused on, instead of mommy bashing. Just this week, in the place where I grew up, two people were arrested for chaining their 5 year old to the couch every night and not letting him up for anything, therefore he was having to use the bathroom on himself, etc. How awful.

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