Week Three

I so suck at this. I can’t commit to something if my life depended on it. But, I can say that I am committed to my family. And that’s what this week’s prompt was… FAMILY…
Husband: I already did his last week (well, week two). So, I love him and glad he’s my partner; so on and so forth. See Week Two if you’re that interested.

Liam: This little dude rocks my world, and I am so glad I got chose to be his mom (most days, anyways). I have never met a smarter two year old in my life, except for maybe when my brother was little… That dude was reading a high school biology book in kindergarten… But, I digress. I am so thankful for Liam, and I love him to the moon and back! He’s amazing… No words can really express my feelings…


My Mother: My mom is pretty cool. She’s been through a lot in her life, and has had many ups and downs (as we all have), but she approaches life with a smile, usually no matter what. She’s pretty handy, and crafty too… By the way, mother, I’m still waiting on mine and Liam’s Walking Dead robes….


My Sister: Lauren: Lauren and I have had our ups and downs, but we always make up, eventually… I mean hey, what are sisters for? We piss each other off, and then we’re fine for a while. We make shit together (crafts, candy). She so funny, and is always there to help with, and love on Liam. She loves my son, so much. Love you, Lauren!


My Sister: Clara: This bitch is pretty amazing too. She’s the biggest dork I know, and she is proud. We also enjoy musicals and cartoons together. She is so hilarious, and really makes me happy when I’m having an awful day. She also loves my son, and is a pretty awesome aunt. (No picture of Clara on my phone.. You’re lucky, Clara!)

My In-laws: I love Nick’s parents. They treat me good, and they love their grandson. I am lucky to have them as my in-laws.

My Grandparents: The biggest smart-asses I know. And I love them for it… I’ve also learned a big bunch of stuff from them throughout my life. They are the only grandparents I have left, so I cherish them… And I need to get my butt out there to see them more often.

My Aunt Sue: The most amazing aunt in the world. That’s all I can say. She is there for me like I’m her own daughter, and my god, I love her so much. (No, I’m not kissing her ass because she might read this). I love her, and I feel bad for anyone who don’t have an aunt like her in their life. Sucks to be you!!! 😉


I have a rather large family, and not a lot of time to be posting about all of them. I love every individual cousin, aunt, uncle, etc… These are my people. I love them, and if you hurt them, in any way, I’ll kill you.


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