You’re Kidding Me, Right?

Okay, I just need to bitch for a minute… And if I strike a cord with you, or piss you off, you know where you can unfollow me!

Why do I, as a woman who has had no fertility problems, have to cover up my excitement if/when I become pregnant, just because you are infertile? I mean, yeah, I empathize with you and everything, but why should my feelings be suppressed because of yours?

Why should I need to “text” you my good news, just so you can be pissed off in private, before “faking” your smile and congrats to me, to my face? What a shitty way to do a “friend.” I cannot help that I had no problems getting pregnant. I just can’t.

If you don’t want to come to my “baby shower”, tell me, so I don’t invite your backstabbing, trifling ass. Really?
I’m trying to be nice over here, people, but some things just really piss me off. With that being said, I respect that you may be hurt because you can’t get pregnant, and I hurt for you. Im sure there is nothing worse than to not be able to do what you were put on this earth to do. I don’t know why God made you that way, and it’s surely not my fault. And don’t expect me to be disrespected by you, because I want to be happy about my pregnancy.

Further more, if you don’t like that I’m pregnant, don’t be my friend. BYE! Don’t need you as a friend anyways.
Disclaimer: 1. I am not currently pregnant. 2. This is not aimed towards anybody in particular, I swear. It was from a blog post I read, talking about proper pregnant girl etiquette towards someone who can’t get pregnant (written by an infertile woman, mind you). You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve been through. You can’t steal my happiness.


8 thoughts on “You’re Kidding Me, Right?

  1. I’m with you. I mean, i KNOW the urge to procreate can be powerful stuff. I KNOW that if you can’t get pregnant/have lost a baby seeing other people with bumps and babies can slay you. BUT I also know that the world isn’t all about me, that other people have lives of joy and sadness and we should be able to a) empathise with both the good and the bad and b) be aware enough to know that even if they seem to poop rainbows they’ll have had some really tough times and so any good in their world should be celebrated. Other people’s happiness isn’t a personal sleight.
    And I’ve had a family member refuse to have anything to do with me because I’ve had babies and she hasn’t. She has no clue about what I went through or how much it hurt to have her reject my happiness, especially when it was done so second hand.
    Even when it’s something that brings such jealousy, I think, personally, I’d still rather share the glow of joy with a friend. It might take a huge effort, but to push them away is just spreading hurt and at the end of the day whose missing out?

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    • I agree. Like I said, I do not know that pain, but if I did, I would still be happy for my family member or friend and would want to continue to be in their lives and their baby’s life. I get the whole family member being mad/not acknowledging your pregnancy, or your child. I know it all too well. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that my happiness is the bain of your exsistence. 🙂 This whole “women competing against each other” shit is for the birds. I choose to ignore it the best I can.

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      • I lost a baby after a year of trying. It then took another year to get pregnant again. The week that I had to go for a termination because it was a missed miscarriage one of the girls on my netball team announced she was pregnant. I’m not saying it didn’t hurt like crazy, but I also knew she had been on the brink of going for IVF. She had been happy for me when I had been pregnant; I was happy for her when she announced her news. Because the two things weren’t connected and as complex human beings we’re capable if feeling different emotions at the same time. The good feelings we should spread as happiness and joy; the bad ones we should deal with. I’m sure the eorld would be a better place if people would just do that.

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      • Yes ma’am. I’m not real sure how I would feel if something like that happened to me, but I’m sure I would deal with whatever feelings I had in a mature manner, as you did. I just don’t understand why we can’t celebrate each other. We’re all in this together! P.s. What is net-ball?

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  2. Just now reading this.
    The whole time I was mad, because:
    A.) I was confused as to why you were writing this
    B.) For a split second I thought you were pregnant
    But its all good now. I understand!

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