2015: Same Me, Different Goals

I got some shit I need to work on this year..

1. My Relationship With the Man Upstairs. That guy knows that I have come a long ways. I need him in my life more than I ever thought. I promise myself that I will read my bible more, praise Him more, speak of Him more… All while enjoying the life He is allowing me to have. I cannot wait to serve Him more, and learn more about Him. MORE!!!

2. Continue to Better Myself as a Mother. And not to prove myself, or compare myself to other mothers (shits lame), but to be better for my son. He deserves that. He’s an amazing boy, and he deserves nothing less than my best.


3. Lose This Big Ass. Shewee… I’m bigger than a house people… And these 202 lbs aren’t gonna melt themselves. Guess what doesn’t gain weight when you do!?! Your feet. Mine are screaming at me. Exercise and eating right… Can’t be that hard, right? Right???


4. I Want to Focus on My Relationship with My Husband. The poor guy falls through the cracks sometimes.. And he’s pretty awesome, so I need to step up my game… More date nights are in the future.

5. I Pledge to Be Better at Posting on My Blog. Man, it’s been probably two months. Ridiculous. I’m a busy gal though… But, this will happen.

6.Continue to Learn New Things. Last year, I learned to sew, crochet… And this year will not be any different. I like to know how to do shit. I like to stay busy… I’ve already learned something this year:


7. Last, But Certainly Not Least, I Want to Work With My Sister in Growing Our Side (Photography) Business. I would love nothing more than to see Rucker Sisters’ Photography grow. For my sister’s sake, mostly. I know we can be awesome, we just have to want it! And we do. Like us on Facebook: Rucker Sisters’ Photography.


What are your goals for 2015?


3 thoughts on “2015: Same Me, Different Goals

  1. Glad to have you back! Yes, definitely you must blog more. I mean, look at Liam – he’s growing so fast and so handsomely.
    I’m with you on the lose weight thing. Just so i dont shudder when i look at a photo. Lol @ the holiday weight thing. Far too true for me.
    I also want – need – to declutter. We’ve taken the Christmas to reveal a house full of crap. And again i can’t blame the holidays because that shit was there in August also!

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