Who in Your Life Has Influenced You Most?

Although my dad and I never saw eye to eye most of the time, I was a daddy’s girl, and still am (sorry ma). So, I’m gonna have to say him, because after all, I am told I’m just like him (thanks ma). He influenced everything; from my work ethic, my short temper, to my sense of humor… He wasn’t always the nicest person, and he was never scared to get his point across. One. Way. Or. The. Other… Usually in the form of ass whippins. But, I always understood not to do that shit again. I definitely picked up some of his parenting habits too. Lord help little Liam… I like to pick and carry on… Just like my dad did with us… He loves it now, but probably won’t for long. My dad always loved laughing at other people’s expense,  and I’m not gonna lie, I do too. My dad also fed into my love of the zombie at an early age. He also loved to scare the shit out of us… I remember the first time I saw “Night of the Living Dead.” Afterwards, my dad got up and announced he was going to bed, then looked right at me and said, “That movie is based on true events.” I watched out the window all night for zombies…. So, I like to blame my anxiety and intermitten paranoia on him too. He taught me a lot of things as well: how to hunt, how to change a tire, pour concrete, build shit, etc. I will always cherish those moments, even if it did feel like a chore at the time. My dad is my biggest influence. Who’s yours?


3 thoughts on “Who in Your Life Has Influenced You Most?

  1. I think both my parents influenced me in different ways. I think I picked what I thought was the best of both worlds and tried to make it into mine. lol love the zombie story. That is one thing I love, but my parents never watched things like that with me. 🙂


    • My mom also has been an influence, just my dad more. Lol. My dad was always making us watch crazy shit with him. He introduced me to South Park when I was 14, and I remember him and I being so sad when they took Bevis and Butthead off the air. Lol.


      • haha my dad and my mom were only into news (my dad had a routine where he watched 3 a day!! One right after the other, so we basically covered the same news at least twice in 3 hours). My mom was better at picking movies – but I think the craziest she went was Saw. My sister and I were the crazy ones with South Park and B&B. haha great post!


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