What is True Strength?

True strength is:

Holding it together when everything is falling apart.
Forgiving when you’ve been screwed over, and mean it.
Owning up to your mistakes.
Speaking up when you know something is wrong.
Being honest, especially when it is helpful, but hurtful.
Being around people you hate, and dealing with it.
Teaching your child right from wrong. Even if they cry.
Not giving in to something you don’t believe in.
Being able to lift really heavy shit.

What would you add?


6 thoughts on “What is True Strength?

  1. You have made some very good points in this statement, Sam! Unfortunately, sometimes I think we courageous women not only have the strength to carry “heavy shit” but we often forget that it is ok to just drop the whole damn load occasionally!!


  2. I AM STRONG, because I have known weakness.
    I AM FEARLESS, because I’ve been afraid.
    I AM COMPASSIONATE, because I’ve suffered.
    I AM WISE, because I have been foolish.
    I AM BEAUTIFUL, because I have seen the darkness.

    Not my words (and I do not know to whom to attribute them) but I thought they were worth sharing. Thought provoking post, Samantha.


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