If This Was Your Last Day to Live, What Would You be Doing?

I would be spending it with my son, other family members, and close friends. I would watch my favorite episodes of the Walking Dead, “Tell it to the Frogs” is my favorite episode, followed by “A”. I would be drinking Miller Lite, and eating all my favorite foods: ice cream, pot roast, my mom’s potato salad, Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi, and the list goes on… Yes, I’ll eat ice cream with beer; I have no hangover or belly ache to worry about the next day. I would let everyone know what they mean to me, whether it’s good or bad… Hell, I do most of the time anyways. I would love on my son with no abandon. He won’t like it, but I don’t give two shits. Clara will get my zombie with my Walking Dead actors autographs on it. I would probably cause some trouble, cause hey, I am my dad’s daughter! There are probably more constructive things I should do, but the hell with it, won’t be here to see the fruits of whatever labor that is. I’ll have a deep spiritual conversation or two with those who will listen. And finally, I would take a few moments to silent my heart and nerves.

What would you be doing?


2 thoughts on “If This Was Your Last Day to Live, What Would You be Doing?

  1. If THIS was my last day on earth I’d be freaking out. I’d be heartbroken at all the things I’d miss. I’d be scared about what was to come. I’d be kicking myself that I’d not been a more organised person and people would be about to dig through the messes that are my life. I’d not want to leave.
    And all of this should signpost how I should be living now – the changes I should make to soak up the fact that today isn’t my last day on earth.
    Until I’m a very old lady and feel I’ve had my time I don’t think I’d want to know it’s my last day.


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