Thought Provoking Tuesdays: What Would People Say About You at Your Funeral?

That’s a facinating question…

She loved her family and friends. Especially that Liam.
She burned bridges and gave no fucks.
She was a forgiving person.
She was a fun drinking buddy.
She had no problem speaking her mind.
She loved cuss words.
She worked hard; earned every penny.
She loved music. Hated Nickelback.
She hated posers.
She hated being judgemental, and worked hard to fix it
She was fucking hilarious.
She was giving of herself and helped where she could.
She was exactly like her father. (Mother would say).
She loved The Walking Dead.
She was always excited.
She loved life, but self diagnosed and was dying daily.
She was emotional, but could hide it well.
She shared of her heart, soul, and belongings.
She was a beautiful person, inside and out.
She never knew a stranger.
She-nanigans. Always.
She was a lover of outerspace, and longed to go there.
She was a superb mother.
She was bat-shit crazy.
She was a fighter. Both of heart and mind.
She was a life-long learner.
She was an awesome sister.
She was an awesome daughter.
She was an awesome niece.
She was an awesome friend.
She was an awesome cousin.
She wad an amazing wife.

What would others say about you?



4 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Tuesdays: What Would People Say About You at Your Funeral?

  1. Great buffet.
    And hopefully lots of ‘do you remember the time…?’

    My friend, Mel, has promised to wear sequins to my funeral and whoop as the coffin gets carried in in reference to our ballroom dancing days and how we never got lifted. Finally I’ll have my Roxy Hart moment. ‘Lift me, boys!’


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