Things I Believe In

1. Karma- But really, who doesn’t believe in that shit. You do bad against someone, envy someone, or wish bad on someone… Boy are you going to get it back ten-fold. I try to live this life very neutral, and although it is hard, I feel better about it. There was a time when I didn’t, however, and it [karma] always eventually caught up with me, and I’m pretty sure I’m still feeling some repercussions from time to time. Some people can be down-right hateful, or jealous, or even like to throw things in my face; like I’m going to do something, or stoop to their level… And I just let them carry on with their ignorant selves. Because they are going to get theirs. I’ve seen Karma unfold itself on many people, and sometimes I enjoy it, I’m not going to lie. Like my sister says (and I know I’ve posted this before, but its valuable), “Karma is a bitch… But only if you are!” It’s the Golden Rule, really. And it isn’t that difficult. Take that to heart, because it is so true! Remember My Name Is Earl?


2. Aliens- Now this is probably where you are going to accuse me of being crazy. And that’s okay, because I am definitely not sane… But for someone to think that Earth is the only planet IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE with intelligent life, to me, that person is the crazy one. What a narrow mind. There are billions and billions and billions of other galaxies besides our lovely Milky Way… Some we can’t even see or even fathom… It’s a scary notion to me to think that we are the only ones in this whole entire universe. I mean come on, SOMEONE had to help build the pyramids… Check out Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, that will get you thinking.


3. You’re only as good as the company you keep. Your parents were correct when they told you this, and don’t even act like you’ve never heard it, either. If you hang out with trash, your going to be trash. If you hang out with wonderful, down-to-earth people, your more than likely going to follow suit. We hang out with those people who most reflect who we see in ourselves. So, if for instance, you’re super smart, you are going to surround yourself with others that you can carry on an intelligent conversation with. Unless, of course, you like to feel like you are the smartest person in the group, then you’re going to hang out with dumb people. But just know, you will fall to their level, and lose some IQ points on the way down… It’s simple. Surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you.


4. Ketchup helps a hangover. I will not argue this, because it is true. I think it’s the acid in the ketchup that does the trick… Or I guess it could totally be the french fry that your dipping it in, but I’m going with the ketchup. Yeah… Ketchup. Try it the next time your hungover. Or some tomato juice… I promise you’ll be better.


5. The Terrible Two’s are real. Like “all up in my face” real. Liam is so “adventurous” and “curious” it drives me up a wall. My therapist makes me say those words instead of “bad” to help face the situation in a better light (joking). But, I seriously don’t know how I haven’t died of a heart attack nor took the notion to really slit my wrists (not just joke about it like I do). I love Mr. Liam, but holy Christ on a crutch, he makes capital punishment look like an inviting way to relax… If I make it through this, and I hope I really do, I don’t foresee other children in our future. “No” is his favorite word, and if he has something he isn’t supposed to have, and you yell at him, he automatically throws it, no matter what it is, and runs off. The other day he got in the bathtub with me. With his diaper on. He busted his face on the sidewalk, and commenced to sliding down a huge “must be 48′ to ride” water slide the next day. He isn’t scared of shit, except for the bird that got into the garage yesterday when he and daddy were getting in the car. I heard he lost his shit… I would have PAID to see that.

20140606_202722           20140614_214456           20140615_153004

6. Faithfulness in your marriage. This is not rocket science. What some people don’t understand is that when you get married, you are vowing to love only your spouse, both physically and emotionally, for the rest of your days. It doesn’t mean to get on dating sites to “hook up” with other people, or getting a hotel room with a “call girl” for the evening, and still have someone to come home to, and lie to once you have committed this god-awful sin against them. You cannot have your cake and eat it too, in this situation. Adulterous whores do not understand what they do to someone when they are unfaithful. It hurts that person to their very core. You cause them to resent you, and want to do nothing but make the rest of your days a living hell, all because you lied and said you cared about them. You do this to a person that puts you on a pedestal, someone who supports you in all of your decisions (except this one of course). If you can’t keep it in your pants, spare your significant other and don’t marry them in the first place. This is the most awful thing you can do to someone. It fucks with them. Bad. Don’t be a dick. Stay faithful. It isn’t hard. You are not deserving of someone who is willing to love your sorry ass for the rest of their life. Trust me, they have better shit to do…


7. Reading is the best hobby/habit you can have. Unless you don’t read, you get this. If you don’t read, do yourself a favor and pick up a book. Reading allows your imagination to run wild. Gives you ideas that you would have never dreamed of. It’s also a mini vacation from your everyday life. I try to read something everyday, even if it’s just a little article about something that interests me. Read books with pictures if you must, but READ!


8. The Walking Dead is the best show on the planet. Hands down. Did you really think I was going to leave this out?!? If I can fit TWD in any conversation, I will do it. This absolutely needs no explanation, but if I must: if you love stories about survival and human interactions (and I’m not talking about Survivor or Naked and Scared), then you will definitely find something in this show for you. The comic book is as equally bad-ass, so if you love to read, or are looking for something to read (see #7) then these would be awesome for you. Just be ready for gore, either way you go…


9. Gut feelings. If your gut is signaling something, whether it be a feeling of wrong or right, it usually is always right. Something happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and if it wouldn’t have been for my gut, I would still never know what I know now. I won’t get into detail about the occurrence, but it definitely was not a good situation, and I am still working through it, and will be for a long time. I have always listened to my gut, and I am so glad I am in tune with it. If you aren’t you really should start. Read about gut feelings here. It’s hard to explain, but you know it when you feel it. And women are the best at it… Hmmm……


10. Driving my car until the gas light comes on. Only then do I feel like I got my money’s worth. Unless my husband is driving my car, and it’s at a quarter of a tank, and he fills it up. This really pisses him off when I do this (which I’m sure is my sub conscience reason for doing it). Plus, I’m just really lazy. I get sad when I look down and see that I’m low on gas. It means I have to slow my roll to fill up. Ridiculous. I will continue to always do this, even though I have ran out of gas on numerous occasions (see #1).



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