Miranda Lambert’s Platinum: A Review

You need this album in your life!

You need this album in your life!


Now, I know I definitely DO NOT have any connections in the music world, nor do I have the credentials to be reviewing an artist’s work, but this album is so deliciously awesome, I cannot contest the urge to shout it out loud. If you have yet to buy this album, nor do you intend to, I have just THREE words for you: SHAME. ON. YOU. There, I said it. Miranda is back, sassier than ever. This record, in my honest opinion, is the best one yet from her. And this is coming from a girl who thought her last album, Four the Record, could not be topped. But she did it. And I cannot stop listening!! Country and Pop collide on this record, and for the first time, I am content with that (although, I may be a little bias). ALL the songs on this album are great; and that is something that is hard to come by. Again, I’m bias, but I also know a good tune when I hear one, even if you are a suck-ass band like NickleBack (ooohh, I hope my husband is reading this).

There are more than a couple of songs that stick out to me…

Platinum- Also being the namesake of the album, is an adorable, though poppy, song talking about how having blonde hair will help you acquire EVERYTHING that you want. And as a brunette, I ain’t even mad! “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you blonder; my heels and my hotels, they just got taller.”

Little Red Wagon- Again, normally I hate country/pop infusion, but this song is way too cute and bossy to hate. Basically she’s saying that she works for her shit, and you just want in for the ride, but “You can’t ride in my little red wagon. The front seat’s broke and the axles’ draggin” Back off haters!

Priscilla- A song asking the Queen of the King of Rock how she got that man to herself… A comparison of her and Blake’s life to Priscilla and Elvis’ life. Very relevant as she says, “You and me have a unique position; married to a man who’s married to attention. It’s a difficult thing being Queen to the King and I feel ya, Priscilla….”

Now to my absolute favorites on this album. I love these songs for two reasons: 1. They are twangy and old sounding. 2. They use curse words (and we all know how I love my curse words). Miranda is a woman after my own heart.

Old Shit- See what I mean? Miranda is talking about antiques, acquired shit, and just good old times that used to be had by all with lyrics like, “If it’s out of style, It really drives me wild… I’m a fan of it, Old Shit.”

All That’s Left- Featuring the Time Jumpers, which I can only assume is a “big band era” kind of band. And there goes Miranda, again, kicking her man out of the house… “There’s the door, there’s your car, here’s the keys… And all you have left to do is leave.” This is my absolute FAVORITE on the whole album.

Gravity’s a Bitch- Yay!! More curse words… I cannot stress how funny (and true) this song is… “You can nip it, tuck it, squeeze it, but your never gonna beat it ’cause gravity’s a bitch.”

And I’ll touch base on just one more song (don’t wanna spoil the whole damn thing for ya).

Something Bad- Featuring Carrie Underwood. And if you know me well, you know that I have a strong dislike for Carrie. But I always secretly wondered what them two would sound like together… And I’ll just say it’s pretty phenomenal. I’m liking Carrie a little more…

Again, if you don’t have this album, or if you don’t intend to buy this album; you should buy this album. And according to Billboard, the album has debuted at #1. This is also her 5th #1 debut (she only has five albums, you do the math). Again, I am a huge Miranda fan, so I am a little bias, but I also know good music when I hear it!



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