Shit I Hate Right Now

Today I am just aggravated. I’m not real sure why. Anyways, today is a perfect day to list what I hate right now, cause FTW:

When the gas pump asks for your billing zip code. Especially right now, while we are still in the process of getting things switched over to our new address… Needless to say, I had to “see cashier” this morning, thus making me a little bit late today, and left me smelling like gas station food.
The break room where I work. You have to eat in the dark, because if you turn on the lights, you’re guranteed an epileptic seizure because one of the florcents need to be changed. You can watch TV, but you have to blare it, because all the equipment for the 9 million survalence cameras are stored in there.
The location of my workspace. Right next to the toilet. And because they won’t get wifi, if I’m working on my computer, and someone comes along and “blows up” the toilet, I have to sit there. Or go to my room where I test patients and hang out there until the smell dies down, but I can’t take my computer! Either way, it’s ridiculous.
Mornings. Especially lately. I love mornings on the weekend… but not during the week. This morning I could have slept till lunch. No amount of coffee can help me today.
• Cooking. I normally love to cook, but lately, it’s a task. I know freezer food is bad for you, but hey, that’s how my boys have been fed lately.
People who are in my way. I went to my friend’s daughter’s high school graduation on Friday. It was so hot in there, and this big momma was dying. As I was trying to get out of that awful gym, people were standing in the exits like they were the only mother fuckers there. And I had to get loud and hasty just for the asshats to move. 
Sore necks. I slept funny (I suppose) Saturday night and yesterday I was feeling it. Worse sore neck EVER. I was down for the count. Heating pad and muscle relaxers. It’s better today, but shit.
I have a sun burn. And wearing a bra right now is torture. I wanted sun, but not that much. And now I probably have skin cancer. FML.

What are you hating in this lovely Monday?


6 thoughts on “Shit I Hate Right Now

  1. Why does your misery make me laugh? You sure do have a litany of aggravations and inconveniences, some of which would make me piss and moan too. Seriously, you can smell the bathroom?! Y-U-C-K!! Which reminds me – clever people make me laugh. My firm recently rolled out this HUGE re-branding effort and the tag line is “Sense Ahead” (forward thinking, common sense yada yada yaada). Made my day when recently someone on my floor left a note in the ladies’ room that read, “Please replenish our room freshening spray as we are out and soon there will be “sense ahead”. Have a better day, Snowflake; and thanks for the laugh.


  2. My last office was right next to the toilet, so I definitely feel your pain. We kept spray in our office just for that, and would sometimes have to close the door to get rid of the smell. BARF!! I would literally gag.
    -My hate for this Monday is driving to work daily. People on the road are so selfish, and reckless. Show some common courtesy on the road people, and for the love of god don’t ride in the fast lane when you are clearly not going the speed limit.
    Anyway, thanks for writing today. It makes my day to see what you have put on here. 🙂


    • Lol! I agree. I swear I feel like the whole human race is against me when I drive, for all the reasons you mentioned above, and because the assholes that can’t stay in their lane and almost kill you. I hate that. Makes my heart hurt.. lol.


  3. You have managed to make me laugh at your misery AND our shared rage toward people who block exits– I am the self-appointed “mover” at our local Kroger – I’ll yell “Fire” if I have to, but you, your granny, and your three carts are MOVING. You’re welcome community:)


    • Haha! Yes. I miss seeing you and talking about our rage!!! Lol. I will yell at someone at the drop of a hat (and will honk at them if they’ve taken more than a sufficient amount of time to move when the light turns green); they piss me off so. 🙂


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