I’ve Neglected…

My blog for a few days now, and I feel awful about that. I’ve also not read anyone’s blogs for a few days, and I feel even more awful about that! Please forgive me… 🙂 Let me share with you a few things I have been doing:

I’ve been drinking wine. Because we had a lot left over from my birthday party in April (lame-o’s didn’t want to drink). And I am not about to let anything ruin! I’m sure that wine does not ruin… But who cares?

ImageI’ve had some bad ideas, like pictured below. I thought I would be nice and give my child a treat on the way home from daycare the other day. I forgot he likes to let it melt in his hands… Hence the wine above…


I’ve been obsessing over the Walking Dead… I have been scouring the internet for spoilers. Also, if Rick could run for president, I would so vote for him. He knows the “stuff and thangs” that matter.


I became an official NASA member, so that my space-cadet status can be legitimate. That’s a lie, the NASA membership part, not the space-cadet part… Also, it was 25 cents at a yard-sale.


I’ve been reading up on why my son is so obsessed with his “pee-pee.” Seriously, he makes me feel like a pedophile at bath time.


I’ve also been reading up on how creepy my kid is about to get….


We’ve gone on a picnic:


I’ve been working on getting my craft room organized. It’s okay to be jealous if you want…


So there you have it, I’ve been a busy gal…


2 thoughts on “I’ve Neglected…

  1. Hell, yeah, I’m jealous. A room to yourself. Not fair!
    Not jealous of the freaky imaginary friends though. Boo used to have a whole class of them, although Petal used to go everywhere. Then one day Petal moved to Australia and we haven’t heard from any of them since. Kids are weird.


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