Today, We Did Something Totally Out of Our Comfort Zone…

We went to church. Since we have moved back, I have been thinking about how much I would enjoy some fellowship, and that whether my husband wanted to do it himself or not, I was determined to seek spirituality and fellowship for myself. I need it. I have never felt so strongly about something in my whole entire life… It hit me, in the face, like a bag of bricks. I want to hear the good word, to understand it; to apply it to my life in practical ways.

And a very close person to me (Penny), who I adore greatly, told me the other day that she “didn’t believe in religion, but she believes in Christianity.” I took that, and thought about it for a long while, because religion does scare me, and it does disgust me at times… But I could still go and praise the Lord, have fellowship, and at the end of the day, I don’t have to submit myself to that crazy thing called “religion”? I can, at the end of the day, have a personal relationship with the Lord, and enjoy the good word. My husband asked me last night what kind of church it was, and I told him that I wasn’t for sure, but I knew it was Baptist. He told me that if it was Southern Baptist, I would not like it, as they are TREMENDOUSLY strict (and if you know me well, you know I don’t deal well with boundaries, rules, etc). And then I told him, “Man, I’m not going for the religion, I’m going for the good word.” My husband laughed, and I did too, but I was serious. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t think I would go this morning… But I did. And to my pleasant surprise, he went with me. What a wonderful man to support me in my in my spiritual journey, I think he wants a journey too. How awesome!

Now, I can promise you people that I DO NOT intend to become a Jesus freak… I’m not going to force anything down anyone’s throat. I never liked that, and that’s what pushed me away from “religion” a long time ago. Even the most religious person sins, whether they’ll admit it or not. I will still sin, probably everyday, and that’s ok. I will be more aware of my sins, however, so that I can work on them. I will still drink at times, I will still envy people at times, and the Lord knows that this cussing wont go anywhere fast! Is cussing a sin though? Not real sure. I know it is, in the very least, frowned upon.

The church that we will call home is called “Harvest Community” and it is as unorthodox as unorthodox can get. And I love that. I love the laid back atmosphere of a less typical “church.” It’s in a building that a “Curves” used to be in, and it is pretty amazing what they have done with the space. You can practically wear what you want (I will probably mostly wear dresses though, that’s how I was brought up). They have a continental breakfast about 45 minutes before service every Sunday (I’m pretty sure that’s what intrigued my husband, but he’ll never tell). They are totally laxi-daisy when it comes to getting the service started. It supposed to start at 10:15, but they sometimes start at 10:30 or 10:45, or whenever…They do not ask for money, pass around a plate, preach that you need to “pay god and your church,” or anything like that; I am so glad. That has always been a huge turn-off to me. Because of this, I am more likely to put money in the boxes outside. And the biggest thing that really impressed me: I finally, for once, understood what they were talking about. I’m not real sure it was because I am determined, or if they dumbed it down that good, but I loved it, and was able to apply it to my life. Also, they don’t make you “join” their church, they insist that you do continue to visit and worship with them. Such awesome, laid-back people.

Anyways, our experience was outstanding with this congregation. And, I cannot wait to go back.


2 thoughts on “Today, We Did Something Totally Out of Our Comfort Zone…

  1. Wow! Congrats, Samantha!!! I understand what you were saying. It is awesome that you found a church that you like. I hope it works for you, Nick & Liam. Maybe we’ll go with you sometime. Love you!


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