Twine Wrapped Initial

I wanted something cute and handmade by yours truly to hang on the front door of our new home. I scoured the ole Pinterest and kept seeing all of these wonderfully twine wrapped paper-mache letters. I decided that they were ridiculously cute and that’s what I was going to make. So I went to Joann’s Fabric to get the supplies: the first letter of our last name (V), two four rolls of twine (had to make another trip), a pretty flower, and floral wire. I already had a hot glue gun with glue sticks, and Mod Podge. Boy, do I love me some Mod Podge, but I digress… I started on this thing the evening of our official move (meaning none of our shit was in the old house, and all piled up in the new). I so needed a break from unpacking. God, I hate moving.

I started out wrapping at the top of the left side of the ‘V’ until I got a fourth of the way down, then I took some floral wire and wrapped the flower against the letter to hold it still. I also wrapped some wire to connect the two ‘\ /’ together to make a hanger. Then started wrapping again.



Nevermind that Zombie in the back ground… Nothing to see here!

I would stop every once in a while and use either hot glue or Mod Podge to kind of keep the strings in place/seal them. The lines and bottom piece of the ‘V’ were easy, it was the top of the ‘V’ that was a little more challenging. It almost pissed me off the point of just trashing it.


However, sometimes the twine would come lose, and that is what would send me off the deep end. But, I just ended up using some of my sewing pins to hold that shit into place. Hey! Whatever works. At least I was smart enough to use them on the back.



After I finished this crazy thing, I did use some clear spray sealer on it, even though I have a storm door. I want this damn thing to last a while! And I hung it proudly, on our door. I will show you what I used at the end of this post.


I like the following sealer. It has a Matte finish, and it is just wonderful. I use it on my son’s salt dough “Santa hands” every year.


And of course, who does not LOVE Modge Podge?!?!?!? If you don’t, you are certainly no friend of mine!


If I wasn’t detailed enough, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, or look it up on Pinterest. 🙂

photo 4


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