Soup Beans

We absolutely love soup beans (or any kind of beans for that matter) up in this house. Even my toddler who is starting to get so picky, its disturbing. Yesterday, I put my soaked and SORTED beans in my crock pot. (For the love of god, please check for rocks; your teeth will thank you). Most of the time I do not have a ham hock or whatever handy, so I use a granulated pork base to flavor my beans. This stuff can be pretty expensive, but worth it! But, needless to say, I had ran out, and didn’t know. Shame on me… But, I always keep plenty of onion soup mix on hand (its cheap, its delicious, it goes with anything), and decided to use that instead. It didn’t taste as awesome as pork seasoned beans, but it did the trick, and they were still very yummy. So, if you’re ever in a pinch cooking those beans, remember that dry onion soup mix works miracles!!!







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