What I Want My Sisters To Know

Over the years (especially the last two), my sisters and I have become closer. We have had a lot of trials and tribulations that brought us to the closeness we share today. There are things I regret that I did when we were growing up, because we weren’t so close; there were years between us, and me being the oldest, they just pestered me to no end. I love my sisters to death, and I would lay my life down for them, if that meant they got to breathe another day. I would donate a kidney (if it were a match), if they needed it. I probably wouldn’t share my liver though… I’ve drank WAY too much, and a piece of it probably wouldn’t do them any good. It’s pickled!!! Sisters, I want you to know:

  • You brighten my days with your texts and smart ass comments. With the random shit you send me via text, FB, or whatever else there is that we stalk each other on. You get me. I get you. I suppose that’s what sisters are supposed to do, right?
  • I appreciate you being awesome aunts to my son. I’m glad we are back home now, so everyone has the chance to get to know him better and catch up on lost time. I know that Liam will never want for anything as long as you two are around.
  • I’m really sorry for not taking you to that Good Charlotte concert that time. I still feel really bad about that to this day. I was awful, but I think too, that I deep down inside I didn’t want to be the reason you guys got hurt or anything like that, out of town. I know we’ve been to a lot of concerts together now, but I still feel so bad about that one. You guys wanted to go so bad. I was a bitch. photo4
  • I’m sorry I didn’t allow you guys to stay at my 16th birthday party. You guys were not cool enough (in my stupid eyes) to hang out with my friends and I. I should have let you guys stay. What was the worst that could have happened? You would have got on my nerves? That was a special time for me, and you guys should have been there. I am very sorry about that. Again, I was a bitch.
  • I’m sorry for not driving you to school when I got my license, and made you continue to ride that awful bus. I was way too cool for that to, I guess. Although, that time I wrecked, I would have felt AWFUL if you guys would have been in there. So, it was probably a blessing in disguise. We all know how well I drive now…
  • I’m sorry for calling you guys fat when I would get mad at you. That was uncalled for and very humiliating, and I am so, so, so sorry. I know you got picked on in school, on the bus, etc. And as the big sister, I did the opposite of what I was supposed to do for my little sisters; protect them, take up for them. God, I sucked. Plus, like Clara told me once: “Karma is a bitch. But only if you are.” I’m on the plump side myself now. Clara now likes to make fun of me… photo2
  • Clara, I’m sorry I busted your guitar rock-star style, on the back porch that time when you were back-talking me and wouldn’t help with the damn chores. That was uncalled for. And your radio…
  • Also, Clara, I’m sorry for throwing that picture at you that time. That could have fucked you up pretty good, if I had any aim.
  • I enjoy the inside jokes: “But it’s blue.” “But it’s two!” and “You should get a job at Hershey’s.” “Where’s that?” “Nowhere.” and “Home-boy.” Too many to list, but we never cease to entertain each other.
  • My sister, Clara, is the biggest geek I know. And she is proud of that shit. And you know what? So am I. I’m happy that she is happy being a geek. It’s fun to make fun of her for loving Harry Potter and X-Men and shit. photo
  • Lauren just does her own thing. Honestly, I’m not really sure what in the hell Lauren does with her free time. I guess I’ll find out now, since I live closer. She’s visiting Nashville right now, and I’m pretty jealous. photo3

I am very blessed to have my sisters, no matter how silly and simple-minded they can be, by my side. We may fight and bicker at times, and hell, sometimes we get pissed at each other and don’t speak for months; leaving the one who isn’t in the argument the middle man. We do some fucked up shit to each other. And that’s okay… We are sisters. I love you bitches!! photo5


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