What 10 Songs Do You Need For The Rest Of Your Life?

I would so need these:

1. Blake Shelton- Old Red: This is probably my most favorite songs on planet earth. “Waited till the time got riiiggghhht!


2. Miranda Lambert- Baggage Claim: I love her sass, and she is my favorite artist of all time. But I don’t want to get burnt out on her, so I cannot have her on all ten. 😉


3. Led Zepplin- Fool in the Rain: God, this song=amazing!! I wanted to use this song to walk down the aisle at my wedding, but it is FOREVER long… But man, I love it… Maybe for our 10 year vow renewal. 😉


4. The Doors- Love Her Madly: And no, I didn’t list the Doors for the fact that Jim is tattooed on my rear, I really do love this song.


5. Godsmack- Whatever: Because I AM doing the best I ever did, so you better fucking go away. Also, I used to have a huge crush on Sully Erna, the lead singer… Until I found out that he is super-short. No thanks…


6. Foo Fighters- One of These Days: Because this makes me think of all my haters, and let’s face it… You need to have a special song for them because one of these days, their hearts, will stop and play its final beat… Morbid, but true.


7. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers- American Girl: I have always loved this song, and Tom Petty’s ugly ass. I could have just listed the whole greatest hits album, because truly, I could listen to just it for the rest of my life. And it reminds me of my cousin David Todd, and the time he made me stay up with him all night, memorizing the whole album.


8. Spice Girls- Say You’ll Be There: Don’t judge. I’ve always wanted to be a Spice Girl. And, I am waiting for a U.S. tour, because my sisters and I WILL BE THERE! See what I did there?


9. Dire Straits- Walk of Life: I just absolutely love this song! Can I just have all of the mid 70’s and early 80’s rock songs, please?!


10. Dierks Bentley- I hold On: Because in the opening of the song, he talks about his old car, and how him and his dad drove it all the way to Tennessee, and she’s still here… now he’s gone. So he holds on, and so do I… To anything that reminds me of my dad.




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