If You’re Wondering Where I’ve Been…

I’ve been closing on our house and moving! Yay! Pictures of the house to come soon. It was a long weekend, and we still aren’t done.


My mother-in-law and I moved a load of stuff to the new house on Friday after my husband and I closed, because he had to go back to work. I was able to get some things put away that evening. The next day, Nick working again, I moved one load by myself and then the in-laws came to help. Together, we moved two more loads…



We were looking like the Beverly Hill Billies on that last load there. Just needed granny on her rocking chair on top. On Sunday, my husband and I moved one more load. After that, I had no more in me. Exhausted (due to lack of sleep because of Liam) and soreness (from moving all that shit), I was spent! I’m still sore, and it’s Monday night. Shew! The movers come Friday to pick up the remainder of our junk (mostly furniture) and we can FINALLY live in our new house. Come on Friday!!!


Liam loves his little bench that the previous owners left… Fits him just perfectly. I can’t wait to share pictures of our NEW abode!


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