Do You Think Crying Is A Sign Of Strength Or Weakness?


We all cry at some point or another, for different reasons. I cry when I am sad, pissed, exhausted, happy… I have a lot of tears to cry, people! When I am over whelmed with sadness, stress, or exhaustion, I bawl like a little baby. If I am pissed, and in a heated argument, with say, my husband, I cry like a little bitch. And then I feel weak. Like I can be broke down easily. But, then I remember that I get so emotionally tied up in something, that I let that emotion take over, and when I remember that, I can gain my composure again. I am passionate about most things that happen in my life, and that’s just the way it is. So, do I think crying is a sign of weakness or strength? And my answer is: no, I think it is neither. I think crying shouldn’t define a person as being strong or weak. To me, that person is very emotional, and passionate about whatever the situation is that is making them cry. Crying is a completely natural thing, and those who never shed a tear… those are the ones who worry me. No emotion? Or there is emotion there, but scared to show it? That, to me, is weakness. If you are emotional about something, show it. No one is going to judge you. I never seen my dad cry not one time in my whole life, but he really didn’t have many emotions; just pissed and happy (and it was mostly pissed), so he doesn’t count, because he was a real man, fo sho. I cried like a baby when he died, and I still do on occasion. But, if you can’t cry, that’s weird. But, on the contrary… There is one instance in which crying does show symptoms of weakness: When a man is sick (and I would like to point out that my husband is not one of these, thank god)…. Get the fuck over it dude… You’ve got a cold… Get up and do your man chores.


Tough guys cry! See:


What do you think? Is crying a sign of weakness or strength? Tell me what you think!


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