Daddyless birthdays.

My sister made me cry this morning..

A Geeks Review

This was my second birthday without my daddy. I never thought that I would have so many years of my life without him. I didn’t get that phone call I was always so accustomed to. I didn’t get the promise of a birthday lunch when ever he came into town.

Granted, I did get a lot of happy birthdays from plenty of my friends and family.

But I still feel so empty. You only ever get one father. Whether they be in your blood, or not.

Our father sacrificed so much of his life for his four children. He worked out of town, away from us, his wife, his home, just so that he would be able to support us and give us everything we needed and damn near everything we wanted. I’d be lying if I said that he was a saint, or that he was the nicest man…

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