Prompt: Burning Down the House.

The five things I would grab if my house was on fire, and assuming my child and husband is out of the home and safe would be:

  1. My Zombie. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. My dad got me that about four years ago for Christmas. He’s gone, and it’s still here. That was a bond we shared, besides hunting, was the zombie genre. Also, it has a few autographs on it from Walking Dead cast members.
  2. My Dad’s Family Portrait. It’s old as shit (like when the color was painted onto the picture), and in this antique frame. I always remembered my dad saying, “If the house ever burns down, grab that picture and get out!” Will do daddy, will do. Plus it also has my pawpaw and uncle in it, who are also gone.
  3. My Box Of Pictures That Are Not Digital. I have lots and lots and lots of pictures that were not taken by a digital camera, therefore there is no back-up. These pictures consist of my childhood, teenage years, etc.
  4. My Winchester 30/30. My deer-killing gun (although I haven’t hunted in ages). That gun (I guess the year it was made), I’ve been told, is very rare. Plus, it’s very sentimental. I want to pass it down to my son, when he is old enough to go hunting. My other gun is in the fire safe (hand gun), along with important documents, so it’s fine, or it would make the list too.
  5. The Box With All Of Liam’s Art Work, And Other Keepsakes That Are His. You can’t get that stuff back either. I want him to have these so that he can show his children. And if he don’t want the shit when he’s older, I’ll keep the shit to show my grandchildren.

I can only hope that my house would never catch on fire, but if it were to do so, I would love to think that I could snatch all of this stuff up on my way out, as long a Liam and Nick are safe.


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