A Day At The Park


We took Liam to the park the other day, because that’s what good parents do, right? I always pictured myself being one of those moms, conversing on the park bench, while my rug rat played (yeah right). I mostly hate the park, because there are always some pretty creepy people there. Like the white trash family over at the shelter, smoking. and yelling mean and hateful stuff at their kids, while walking their pit bulls around. Or the guy that was clearly trying to pick up this lady- and I’m pretty sure they were both on pills (I know, I know… profiling is wrong). But my favorite, but not creepy; this little girl playing with her brother in the sand and I heard a discussion about killing zombies. 🙂 Any who, Liam enjoyed his time, giving his daddy sand, and also eating some.. Pica.


Usually my son does not like to swing, because it restricts him, but he enjoyed it that day:




And let’s not forget his favorite, the slide! We were cautious and rode down with him a couple of times, and then he did it on his own:



Liam loves the park, as any normal kid would. And, all in all, it was a terrific day for it. We got some exercise, wore him out, and got some good ole family time in. I really wish there weren’t creeps there at the park though, it really put a damper on the fun to be had, and kept this high strung momma on high alert. At least Liam will not be going to the park anytime soon on his own, and for that, I am thankful. What is your child’s favorite playground thingy to play on at the park?


4 thoughts on “A Day At The Park

  1. Noodles loves the swings. ‘High as the trees, high as the sky.’ He also loves wobbling precariously on the slide (heart-in-my-mouth moment) and making a dive for the exit the second someone leaves the gate open (high alert – every other bugger in the park was clearly born in a barn). I shall never be one of those mums who can stand and chat. Although looking at the clientele I’m not sure I’d want too.


    • Ha Ha! Liam likes to climb up the slides too. The twirly ones without a roof make me nervous. So scared that he will fall out. :/ And yes, the clientele is not anyone I would want to hang/speak with…


  2. Public parks and play spaces were a lifesaver when I didn’t have a cent to my name and was too exhausted to be “creative Mom”. Sounds like time to take back our parks. Believe it or not we do have the right to politely ask people in public places to keep their language, behavior and the park clean, quiet and safe for children. Now a woman should probably not approach a group of crackheads alone, but a small group certainly should. They might give you lip, but they will either change their behavior or stop going to the park.


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