An Afternoon Stroll


Liam am has been super fussy in the evenings. So, yesterday afternoon, I took him on a walk. I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it. I taught him how to blow on a dandelion, and at one point I think he put one in his mouth, should have seen his face, it was priceless. He also tried to get into a car with an old lady, as she was getting into her car (he loves cars). I guess I need to start emphasizing “Stranger Danger.” What I love about this kid most is his ability to take everything in, and enjoy it for what it is; every little rock, every barking dog, every dandelion…. And every mailbox… He ran to each one, acting like he was going to open them (see, I told you my child was a criminal. In a few years, its going to be black cat fire crackers in the things). So, each one he ran to, I said no. By the time we got to the last few, he would run up to them, and then look and point at me and say, “NO!” He catches on quick: another thing I love and loathe at the same time… I’m pretty sure we walked about a half a mile, and he pretty well walked the whole way, except for the last few hundred yards. He was starting to dick around and wear out, wanting to sit in peoples yards, or ride on their lawn mowers, or pick their flower… And I had to pee, something awful. So I said, “Come on dude, I have to pee.” He looked at me, grabbed his crotch, and shaking his head yes, said, “pee-pee, pee-pee?!?!” Jerk. I picked him up and carried him back to grandma’s house in a rush. Although I think he was luring me to my death, I enjoyed my time with the little guy yesterday, and it improved his mood for the rest of the evening as well. This may become our new ritual, as long as the weather is awesome.


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