Desribe Yourself In 5 Words

  • Funny- I love making others laugh, and making fun of myself. Because I can make fun of myself, I feel free to make fun of others (not for their disabilities or birth defects or anything like that). I have the ability to laugh at every little stupid thing that life throws at me, and that helps me stay calm, for the most part. I feel like I make others laugh, and I hope that brightens their day.


  • Giving- I am always wanting to give to, and do things for others. I wish I had more time to volunteer. To touch someone’s life makes my day. I am constantly offering my help to others, and I enjoy that. I am not one of those people who expect something in return, either. My dad instilled in me that you do for others, because that is what your supposed to do. I also give to myself (come on, I’m not that much of a philanthropist). I like to think that I am not selfish, but sometimes I am…


  • Enthusiastic- When I like or love something, I am thrilled. ALL. THE. TIME. Just ask me about my Walking Dead Obsession.


  • Short-Tempered- That counts as one word, right? Well, as it says… I have a HORRIBLE temper. When shit starts to pop off, I lose my fucking mind. And it isn’t just a tantrum, or “oh, she’ll get over it,” its a, “Oh shit! Run for the hills. This bitch is about to kill us all!” I try desperately to not be like that, but I get it honest (thanks dad). I’m certain I’m headed to a stroke, at any given time. My rage is so bad sometimes, I have to go be by myself and break something. I’ve gotten a little better, but not so much. Much like being enthusiastic, I can take it to the other extreme quickly.


  • Adaptable- I have the uncanny ability to adapt to the environment that I am in. I can’t explain it, but as soon as I get over my tiny bit social anxiety in a situation, I’m cool as a cucumber. I can chit-chat about anything with anybody, in any situation. I am good at trying new things and not being scared or stressed. I just switched clinics with my company, and I am working with all new people. I walked in the first day, nervous as hell, but irregardless, put on a smile and introduced myself to everyone with confidence. A month later, its like I have always worked here.



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