Jergens All Purpose Face Cream

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So, I came across this the other day at the Family Dollar when I was looking for a new night-time moisturizer. Let me tell you, I think I have found a gold mine. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Here’s why:

1. I payed like $2 for this big-ass jar.

2. It smells good.

3. It leaves your face feeling so, so soft. Like amazingly soft.

4. It removes makeup! It can be used as a deep cleanser, so you are killing two birds with one stone, in essence. It even removes eye makeup. The only thing I would recommend is to apply it to your face with your hands, and then rub it in really good with a cotton round. I also use a warm, wet washcloth to get the excess off, and then re-apply a small amount before bed.

5. I also use it on my feet and elbows. My feet love me at the end of the day, and my elbows have seen a tremendous improvement in just a week.

Look at all this crap that came off of my face!

Look at all this shit that came off of my face!

There are a few cons, but they aren’t awful:

1. It isn’t found in a lot of stores. Like I said, I got mine at the Family Dollar. It is also at WalMart, and specialty pharmacy stores.

2. It is kind of heavy and greasy-like. I would suggest a very thin layer at bed time. I don’t use it for day time moisture, because I don’t like for my face to feel like it looks greasy.

All in all, I am in love with this product. My face feels like a baby’s ass. And I don’t have that black crap still around my eyes, that soap and water can’t take care of, the next day. If you have used this in the past, or swear by it now, leave a comment letting me and the other readers know what you love about it, hate about it, and where you bought it!


6 thoughts on “Jergens All Purpose Face Cream

  1. A friend whose a hairdresser once advised that it’s best either to go for the really expensive stuff that has the latest in skin are ingredients or the very cheapest as they’ll only contain the stuff needed to do the job. I love making a bargain discovery that works. Well done, you!

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  2. I love Jergens lotion and totally agree that it smells terrific. Plain old “cold cream” is great stuff. I once had a dermatologist tell me the best things for sensitive skin can be found in the kitchen – lard, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, shortening.


  3. I’ve used Jergens all purpose face cream for years to remove makeup. I love how much I can purchase it for such a good price. It has a pleasant scent and it’s pink and girly


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