DUHlicious (and Healthy) Red Beans and Rice With Meatballs

A couple of weeks ago, I found an awesome recipe on, you guessed it, Pinterest! But the website where it was pinned from was http://skinnyms.com/slow-cooker-beans-and-rice/. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s proceed. I am just going to show you pictures and such, not actually give the recipe. It requires quite a few ingredients, and frankly, I kinda did what I wanted to it anyways. You know how to use the internet, right? Good. With your parent’s permission, please see said website above.

First of all, one of the additions I did was:


This stuff is seriously amazing. I use it in a lot of dishes I prepare, even if it may not be a Cajun meal. For real, get some. Which reminds me… I’m out.

So, the recipe calls for red bell peppers only, but I like color, so I used orange and yellow too. (Because again, I do what I want). I also added the minced garlic, onion, and celery. See, I follow directions sometimes, err part of the way….


Doesn’t that look yummy? I could eat that by itself. But I digress…

So, get those veggies sauteed… it brings out that flavor! Again, check out the recipe for all of the ingredients and step by step instructions. So the next thing I needed to do was to get my meatballs together. I didn’t have any chicken or turkey burger lying around, but what I did have was deer burger, the best burger of all. Shout out to my Grandpa (G-UNIT!!!) But this burger had a special surprise in it… Bacon! Even better, the only reason I am NOT a vegetarian. I baked them after I got them them rolled up, because if you’ve ever used deer burger, you know it bleeds pretty good, and I did not want that nastiness up in my food. I just baked them at 350* for about 15 minutes. Also, the recipe for the meatballs don’t call for an egg. I used one, and I recommend it, if you want them to stay together.


What’s cookin, good lookin?


Disgusting blood is now baked out! I threw them in a colander and rinsed the curdled blood off with the sprayer in the sink.

After all the meat handling and during the baking process, I threw all of the other ingredients in the crock together to get this party rolling.



Then in with the meat:


Cook on low for about five hours. Then the final product:


This isn’t too shabby for being “healthy.” If you end up trying it, let me know what you think!!


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