Can I Just Say…

That I am currently having some reservations about turning 30 next week. What’s it like to be 30? Is it any different than being 29? Will I automatically lose privileges or something? What exactly is going to happen here? I know its an awesome milestone, but it just puts me closer to being elderly. Hell, I already have memory problems (probably because of my son; yeah that’s where I’m laying the blame, my son). I have inexplicable pains all over my body, and I swear I’m having a heart attack and/or a stroke EVERY DAMN DAY OF MY LIFE. Is that going to intensify?! I’m always so tired and uninterested in most things. Is that going to get worse? My husband is 34, and although I love him to pieces, he has became the most boring person I know (sorry Nick, you know I love ya), especially since our son has come along. I’m not going to lie; sometimes I like boring, but sometimes I want excitement! We used to be the life of the party. Some days I miss that, some I don’t. I like a fine mix of slow and fast. Mostly slow, with just a little fast. I should just suck it up, because it is coming, whether I want it to or not. I do know this much, my husband is throwing me a kick-ass Walking Dead birthday party this weekend to celebrate. I am super excited, but dread the hangover (nothing is worse than having to be “mommy” hungover), but I’m going to toast it up to the good life, because I do have an awesome life, and because I am not promised 31! I have lots of life to live, hopefully… And I need to take it all in. (See how I just talked myself out of all that?)


2 thoughts on “Can I Just Say…

  1. If you’re anything like me, once you’re there it’s not so bad. I started rounding up a good 6 months before my birthday and the date loomed large. My 20s hadn’t been the ideal that I’d imagined them to be, so I didn’t want to let go until I’d lived like I was in an episode of Friends.
    I’ll be 40 next birthday (see, I’m rounding up again!). My 30s have been a myth too. I blogged about it here: At the end of the day though, age is just a number. But make sure you get a mahoosive/massively expensive present to make up for the digit-shift. Xx


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