Bath Time is A Nightmare Up in Here!


I hate giving my child a bath. I would rather be drug slowly over hot coals than to do that daunting task on my nights. That’s right, I said my nights. It’s so awful that my husband and I take turns, every other night. Sometimes we even fight over who’s “night” it is, because neither one of us wants to do it. He has no mercy on us. And what really pisses me off is that sometimes he sounds like he is having fun in the tub when its Nick’s night. Never with me. NEVER. He just screams, and tries to climb out of the tub, all while slipping and sliding and damn near knocking himself out. It’s exhausting. I would just love to go back to the days when he didn’t even know what in the hell was going on. And washing his hair?! FORGET that shit. Might as well be one of those alligator wrestlers, because it sure does feel like I’m dealing with one, biting and all. He won’t lean his head back, which makes for a bad time because all the water (and soap) runs down his face, into his eyes and mouth; and he fights to be able to breathe. And laying him back won’t work either. He freaks out, and it sounds like the bath-giver is abusing the child. Ridiculous. We bought him some of those little visors to wear in the tub to keep water from running into his eyes, but the little shit won’t wear those either. He takes them off as soon as they touch his noggin.



Ahhhhhh. After bath. Happy toddler, happy momma…. until I have to chase him around to get his butt powdered and diapered, dressed, and head combed (ROUND TWO… DING. DING. DING.). At this point, all I want to do is sit down, and die a little more inside. Is that too much to ask? Why yes, it is. Especially when I don’t let him pick out his pajamas. He already knows about freedom of choice, and that is scary. So, after I have to give into the “freedom to choose” bullshit, we can FINALLY get on with our night…



The only two things I can bring myself to be thankful for right now is that it is BEDTIME, and tomorrow is Daddy’s turn. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bath Time is A Nightmare Up in Here!

  1. My last daughter, I have 3, bathed with me until she was 8! I know that sounds crazy but we always had a huge tub and she just liked it. I always bathed with my girls as it made it so much easier for us all. I would wash them then dad would come in and dry them and take them away so I could bathe in piece. No toys, no frills, just calm bath time. My last daughter had chronic ear infections and also hated washing her hair, I put ear plugs in her ears and that helped! Hope your little one starts to enjoy tub time, just so it won’t be so miserable for you! Visiting from boggy moms, kentuky!


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