If Rick Dies, This Bitch is Going to Riot!!! (Warning: Could Contain Spoilers)

As most of you know, The Walking Dead has consumed a fairly large chunk of my life. To you, it’s probably ridiculous, and that’s okay; but to me, its my hobby. This Sunday is the Season 4 Finale (oh no!), and I’m pretty devastated, I’m not going to lie. I will be obsessing over its season ending and thinking about how I am going to cope without it until October. I don’t even like to count the months because it is so depressing. So to keep my momentum strong for now, I want to project some of the things I think could happen this Sunday.

1. So we all know that Daryl (who by the way is NOT in the comic book), is with this group of savages who are hunting down Rick. I have a feeling when Rick meets this “brutality” that he is destined for this Sunday, it is going to have something to do with a run-in with these dudes; and Joe is going to either A. Find out that he and Daryl are friends and pin them against each other OR B. He is going to make Daryl kill him (Rick) for some kind of initiation. They are going to have to fight to the death (think Season 3, Mid Season Premiere with Daryl and Merle), but this time some one is going to die, or will they? All I have to say is that it better not be Rick, because this bitch will riot.
2. These guys that Daryl are with are the “marauders” from the comic and they are going to rape/kill Carl or Michonne and make him watch (that is definitely brutal), and then Daryl freaks out and starts killing these guys for fucking with his family and Rick will break free to help (in my mind, he’s tied up). This is probably not likely since a big character supposedly dies, although Carl and Michonne are pretty big as well.
3. They (Rick and gang) arrive to Terminus to realize that the “Hunters” and everyone is dining on Beth sandwiches, or they kill Carl and have Carl kabobs. Or, they take Rick’s hand (already gone at this point in the comic, thanks, Governor), and then eat it in front of him, because that is some nasty, brutal shit too. Or maybe Joe and crew take his hand? Either way, Rick has got to lose that hand, damn it!!!
4. What if Terminus is really Negan’s place and he has made Beth a “wife” and Daryl takes the place of “Dwight” and he wants to fight for her freedom, and ultimately dies. Then Glenn (God, I hope not) will meet Lucille. Or its like the “Hillside” and they deal with Negan for safety. But it is a good place, minus the Negan bullshit.
5. Beth is safe at Terminus (because it’s a “Safe Place” like McDonalds), and she sees Daryl and Carol with each other and she kills herself or Carol sees Daryl with Beth and kills herself (she seems ready to die at this point any who). This is also in the comic…
6. Rick and Carl sees baby Judith is alive and well with Carol and Tyreese, only to see a walker or “Hunter” snatch her up. This will be god-awful and something I definitely cannot deal with. But remember, she has been dead awhile in the comics (along with Carol, Tyreese, Glenn).

Robert Kirkman states that this will be the biggest cliff hanger to date in the series (maybe someone will be on the brink of death, and we won’t know if they are alive or dead until October), making this summer a horrid, horrid wait. All I have to say is they better show Rick and Carl embracing Judith (and not being snatched up and killed, preferably). I want the warm fuzzies like I got last weekend with Glenn and Maggie’s embrace. If this ruined anything for you, I am not sorry. For you see, I warned there are spoilers contained in this blog.

Terminus: Those who arrive, survive… Those who come late, get ate. 😉


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