10 Things I Love (And Loathe) About Motherhood

As all we mothers know, motherhood is so fulfilling… But it can also be a pain in the ass. I was thinking about all the things that I so love about being a mom (trying to be positive here), but then all of the things that I strongly dislike started popping up to. So, I’ve compiled a list (two actually) of the top ten loves and loathes that I have about being a mommy. Enjoy:


  1. My kid (obviously). He’s so gorgeous, smart as a whip, hilarious as hell, and my saving grace. This kid totally came into my life at the right time. They say things happen for a reason. There’s my proof.
  2. I am still eating for two and I dare anyone to say anything about it.
  3. Maternity clothes. Yep, still rocking the pants and shorts from time to time. Sue me.
  4. Going to the park and not having to feel like you are being looked at as a pedophile. I actually had a kid ask my husband and I at the pool where our kid was, and when we told her we didn’t have one, she asked, “Then why are you here then?” We left after that.
  5. That huge smile accompanied with a hug, and an excited, “MOMMA!!!” When I pick him up from daycare.
  6. You get to read all of those children books that you loved as a child, again.
  7. You get to do stupid shit (without judgment) to get your child to laugh instead of cry.
  8. Little clothes. Little toes. Little fingers. Little bellies. Baby lotion.
  9. TOYS! TOYS! TOYS! Need I say more?!
  10. Milestones. Watching my child reach important stages in his life. It makes me proud and makes me feel like we’re doing something right. (Affirmation).


  1. Formula. That shit stinks. And it’s expensive. Glad we are past that.
  2. Dirty diapers. That shit stinks too.
  3. Having to read all those children’s books you loved as a child; over and over and over and over… Catch my drift?
  4. You have to do stupid shit (almost to the point of hurting yourself) to make your kid laugh instead of cry. Most of the time this is out of desperation.
  5. Little clothes; add up to big laundry piles. Just ask my husband…
  6. TOYS! TOYS! TOYS! Especially the ones that make noise; they are annoying and I’ve been scared a time or two in the middle of the night by them. AND… you step on them. I’m constantly doing that.
  7. TEMPER TANTRUMS. Liam is of that age that he will throw the hugest fit to get his way. Over it!!! I would rather have my fingernails pulled off one by one with a set of pliers than to hear that kid scream.
  8. Bottles, Sippy Cups, Pacifiers. I hate washing all of that shit. Or having to hear a fit being thrown when we wont fill up another bottle or sippy when he already has one, or when we can’t find his pa-pa (pacifier).
  9. Shots. I hate seeing my baby get shots at his well baby visits. Breaks my heart in two to see him hurt.
  10. The inability to do absolutely ANYTHING without an audience. I cannot bathe without a peeping Tom (or should I say Liam), always pointing at my boobs and saying “boobies.” He also loves to throw things in there with me when I am not paying attention (think toilet bowl brush.. which now gets put up high). And just what in the hell would I do without my “assistant” helping me flush or getting me a mile of toilet paper when I’m going potty?!?!?!

Ahhhh Motherhood… Wouldn’t change it for the world.





6 thoughts on “10 Things I Love (And Loathe) About Motherhood

  1. Fabulous!
    I love those first words, cute little voices making almost-understandable sounds. But then they get older and it’s relentless. And they learn how to whinge. Oh. My. God. I cannot do whingeing.
    Could not agree more about the storybooks too. Count your blessings that you had a boy and will be spared 100+ Rainbow Magic books. I wanted to weep when it came to the bedtime read for at least a year. Mercifully we’ve moved on to Julia Donaldson. Relief.


  2. Enjoyed your lists! Thanks for following my blog , I will follow yours as well. I can see you are a lot younger mother than I am-i had six from 38-15. My 8t grandchild arrives in a few months. beebeesworld


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