Let’s Eat Cake!

So, I came across this simple cake recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it. I’m naming it the “Easy Pineapple Angel Food Cake” because it didn’t seem to have one. A couple of things about this cake: it’s so easy it’s dumb, and it’s low calorie… Think 1 WW point per slice (if you do that sort of thing).

Now, the original recipe called for a one step angel food cake mix, but I do what I want (actually, I didn’t read the instructions, just looked at the picture), and got a two step mix. No biggie, just do what the mix says to do and add the crushed pineapple (in juice or water, not syrup for whatever reason). Pour that batter in a bundt pan, cook at 375• for 35-40 minutes and BOOM!

I added cream cheese icing to mine, because it sounded good, and we are fatties in this house (WW points, who?).




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