Comic-Cons: Bringing Out the Worst in Me Since 2013

So, my husband and I went to the Lexington Toy and Comic Con today, and it was a fucking nightmare. Let me walk you through our day, and hopefully give you some great tips if you ever decide to attend one of these horrendous events.

I had pre-ordered the tickets TWO WEEKS AGO, thinking that it would just make it easier for us; that we wouldn’t have to wait so long in the line (2 hours +). Boy was I wrong! Nope, just a different line to wait in to trade you tickets for a flicked-ass arm band. GIVE ME A BREAK!! We were in this said line for at least an hour. And please remember that this was just the line to get in the damn thing.

But let me back up just a little more… Also on this very weekend, the St. Patty’s Day Festival and Parade was going on downtown too, as well as a dance competition in the same building as the comic-con. We live 10 minutes from Rupp Arena and Heritage Hall, but it took us almost an hour to get downtown AND park (which was 10$). There was nowhere close to park. We walked a couple of blocks. I’m so happy it was NICE out.

So we are waiting in this line to get our arm bands, and these douchebag kids were in front of us, acting stupid, and holding up the line and letting their friends cut in with them. My nerves were getting bad, plus I was hungry… These kids, at one point, were just standing there, goofing off and so I stormed past them and Nick got all mad and so I went back with him after saying a few choice words (I was seriously going to hurt these kids.) My medication was not holding up its end of the deal! But then, those kids got their “Karma.” After waiting in this line for an hour, they were told they were in the wrong line, and had to get in the end of the other! Douchebags.

The only reason I wanted to go to this Comic-Con was to meet a Walking Dead cast member named Melissa McBride (Carol). I knew that she was only going to be there until two. It was 12:30 or so when we got out of the line.

We got to Melissa’s line, and guess what?!?!? A mile long. A. Mile. Long. I knew at this point we were not going to get to meet her. I started crying… After all this stress and mental anguish I JUST DEALT WITH. My nervous breakdown was happening in that cramped room of cos-play freaks, and fat girls wearing way too small clothes for their frame. I was devastated… But then I heard someone saying that she was going to do professional photo ops at 1:20. So I left my husband in the line to go see what was going on with that, and BINGO!!! 40$ bucks and we were getting a picture!

We got our picture with Melissa; she was a doll, and so sweet, but I wasn’t able to get her to sign my zombie because she didn’t have a sharpie and we didn’t either. 😦 She wanted to sign it! But we got a picture with that pretty lady, and that’s all that matters. I achieved (mostly) what I came to do when I didn’t think it was going to happen…

In the future, I will probably not attend these Comic-Cons anymore. My nerves cannot take it. I will get to Atlanta for Walker-Stalker Con one of these days, but I am going to hold out until I can get VIP’s. Fuck general admission.

So here are my suggestions:

1. Still get the pre-paid tickets, because they do save you a few bucks.

2. Camp out all Goddamn week before the Con (if you bought or are buying general admission) so you can get in and get down to business.

3. If you can afford it, do like my friend Liz did: Get the weekend VIP pass and a hotel room all weekend and do the damn thing up. (Go Liz!) 🙂

4. If you enjoy your sanity, just don’t go…. It may not be worth going to jail.

All in all, the celebrities are pleasant, but the people who put these things on need to get it together!!!!


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