50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have


So I came across this list the other day while trolling Pinterest. Although a lot of these are good ideas that I am going to adopt myself, some of them are just “DUH” moments, and some just have no real place on this list. To get the article in full: http://www.stylecaster.com/healthy-habits/ Anyways, as all of you know, I like to make my own side comments to things I see, and I thought this one would be a great ice-breaker for me.

1. DUH. We all wake up fresh to a new day. Take this off.

2. True that. I check creditkarma.com all the time, but only because my husband wants me to.

3. NO! A meal is not a meal without some kind of meat. Not going there!

4. Don’t be rude! They are making the effort to spend time with you. The same goes for them too.

5. I literally laughed out loud at this one. I’d like to see someone try to make me. Definitely not when a TWD marathon is on.

6. Bull shit. Especially when you have a child that wollers the shit out of you. Thats going to definitely add some time and effort! Even   a simple walk takes longer than it should.

7. Sugar is evil, but my kid loves it. Coincidence? I think not.

8. I’ll have lemon with my iced tea or water, thanks. I’ll pass on the warm water. And cayenne pepper?? W.T.F.

9. & 10. DUH.

11. Really? You don’t think I know my benefits? That’s what you find out in your interview and job offer meeting.

12. Unless you want to get something AJAX won’t wipe off….

13. I have gone with a hang-over and commenced to buying everything they had to drink (exaggerated). Dehydration is a bitch! So make sure you are full AND well hydrated.

14. NO. Unless you are speaking of motorcycles…

15. Big momma gets hungry.

16. It is what it is…

17. Drugs are bad, MMMMKAY? You want to be around for a good, long while, right?

18. I’ll be quit a year in May. I wish my husband would follow suit. It’s disgusting and dangerous. Seriously.

19. & 20. DUH.

21. Yes, but a lot of times, this is way easier said than done.

22. My gyno says every two years….

23. If this was said to my early-mid 20’s self, I would have told you to “beer me!” Now that I am a little older, and wiser (questionable), I couldn’t agree with this more. Plus, taking care of a child while hungover is AWFUL.

24. But I’m BORED!!!

25. I use 50 SPF when I’m closer to the equator (never) and SPF 30 in my old KY home. This is important.

26. Shit. Whatever. I’m not going to stay up all night either.

27. How will I survive if I don’t? If you don’t like water, dress it up with some of that flavoring stuff, or liquor if you want (see #23). And I’m pretty sure you need more than 8oz. a day… Who in the hell wrote this?!?

28. You’re paying for it, might as well love it.

29. I’ll top that: I buy shit I NEVER wear.

30. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

31. I cannot wait to make all of my cleaning supplies. Waiting for the store bought ones to get used up. I already make my own fabric softener. It’s fulfilling to make your own stuff, and the hubs loves the $$ saved.

32. I like to spend my change on iced coffee, thanks.

33. Need inspiration? YouTube Miranda Lambert and listen to her music.

34. DUH.

35. The world should be happy that I am heavily medicated and take my meds seriously. The fate of humanity relies on it.

36. I listen to my body, and then tell WebMD what it is saying.

37. Sometimes I have to rely on sleep meds, so are you sure? (see #26).

38. You don’t want to end up in the nut house (or “spa” as us healthcare workers call it). See #35.

39. Yeah, you could be washing your hair with unicorn tears or some bullshit.

40. Please. Stress leads to a lot of awful things… murder, breakdowns, high blood pressure…

41. NO. NEVER AGAIN. I love my kid to death, wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world, but NO!

42. Sounds good in theory, and I’m not going to lie, before I researched it, I thought it sounded dangerous (think chloroform).

43. Even if you feel restrained.

44. I hate washing my hands all the time because they get dry. But, I work in health care, and I have a germy kid, so I have to “suck it up, buttercup.”

45. My dentist office has a sign that says, “You only need to floss the teeth you want to keep.” You’re welcome.

46. Are we pre-schoolers? Take this shit off.

47. You’ll get a headache if you don’t!

48. I can’t count when I’m angry! I can’t count when I’m tickled pink! I just leave the situation and come back when I have gathered myself. Just ask my husband…

49. It’s one of the best ways to learn.

50. Google may not be a doctor, but WebMD is!!!

Thanks for reading my blog (I know it was exhaustive) and I can’t promise this will be the only long one.

Is there anything you would add or take off this list?


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